Saigon, Vietnam today

Few countries boast the diversity found in Saigon, Vietnam: unsurpassed natural beauty; rich and varied cultures and lifestyles; a long and complex history; spectacularly diverse geography. And everywhere, the friendly, smiling faces of the people. Long thought of as a remote corner of Southeast Asia with a turbulent past, travel to Saigon, Vietnam has always offered more. Now an emerging travel destination, Saigon offers a truly unique experience. From luxurious pampered relaxation in a safe but interesting setting, to challenging exploration of exotic new places. Saigon has much to offer. The character of Saigon is as diverse as its history is long. Every place has its own unmistakable personality, atmosphere and pace. The hustle and bustle of the capital of the city is a living example of harmony between old and new. The people make travel to Saigon far more than just another tourism destination. Bask in their genuine warmth and experience their daily lives for a truly unforgettable experience. Welcoming smiles are everywhere. Expect warm, open and honest greetings from people. Saigon subtly captures the hearts of her visitors.

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